Let’s bag small talk!

Avoid awkward grocery store conversations with the AislePass! Alerter App. 


Don’t want to hear about Jan’s engagement? Or Toby’s fungal infection? Maybe you’re done looking at pictures of Becky’s first Sugar Plum Princess recital.

Bag small talk with the AislePass! Alerter App today. 

How It Works

The AislePass! Alerter App seamlessly syncs with your social media and GPS and alerts you when anyone you know is at the grocery store. So you never have to engage in meaningless conversation in the canned vegetables aisle again. 


"I kept bumping into Becky-Lynn from High School at my local grocery store. After the fifth encounter I’d reached my limit. I downloaded the AislePass! Alerter App and now I never have to listen to anyone tell me how much prettier I am without my headgear again!"

– Emily, Saskatoon